A look beyond the horizon: Our region – our food – our future

How well do we know the region in which we live? Are there local producers who supply us with food? Where does our food actually come from? Under what conditions is the consumption of our favorite dishes justifiable?

This learning module for school-based vocational education should enable students to have a more differentiated perception of their local environment and sensitize them to the origin of their food. This requires comprehensive reflection and negotiation processes by students. It is not about creating completely correct solutions for a regional sustainable food system, but about initiating critical thinking processes and practical solutions for their favorite dish as an example. By illuminating personal consuming behaviors, local agriculture and sustainability processes, the learning module aims to show that solutions always require a willingness to compromise. It thus contributes to education for sustainable development and shows an example for lessons in the classroom. Through the multi-perspective view of the food system of a selected region, systemic learning can be realized.

Download single parts of the learning module: